Friday, August 15, 2008

Set up Fan-based cooling

Now that the peak of summer is pretty much over, the temperature outside is below 70 degrees in the evening and early morning. No need to run the AC during the day now. All we need to do is to capture that cool air at night and hold onto it during the day. Here's how.

1. I set a large window sized fan in the attic pointing OUTWARDS.
2. I install a light switch near the thermostat down stairs which turns the fan on and off.
3. At night I flick the switch to turn on the attic fan and own windows wherever I want a cool draft.
4. After flicking the switch I simply pull down the attic panel without extending the ladder.
- This allows the air to flow from the open windows to the attic.
5. In the morning I jsut close the windows and turn off the fan.

This trick works best in spring and fall. As long as the temperature drops at night it will fine.
Its hard to put a dollar amount on the savings as its highly dependent on the daytime temperature.

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